Thought it was time we did a little intr
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The face of The rollin' Inn...why wouldn

Awwww shucks guys, we are pumped you are interested in us and we are excited to get to meet some of you too!
We are Charlie and Claire, the owners of the Rollin' Inn. Charlie sits at the helm of the Rollin' Inn (affectionately referred to as the beardy Landlord) and Claire (thats me!)...well if he's at the helm that must make me cabin hand I guess!

Martin Bates (Charlie's dad) ran a mobile bar for several years with his own band of merry men, but several years after he passed away it started to look a little neglected, so in 2018 Charlie decided to revive the Rollin' Inn trailer and set to work. A builder by trade he skillfully set about renovating her along with the Pop up bar entirely by his own hand. Claire (not being that handy with a hammer) swiftly became self appointed 'master of aesthetics', and deals with most of the admin, social media and finishing details!
We are a husband and wife team along with a crazy cocker spaniel - our fur baby - Widget. Claire worked for nearly 10 years in the weddings, events and hospitality industry and understands the importance of detail, with a taste (obsession?) for gin and love of a great cocktail. Charlie grew up in a family pub in Marlow Buckinghamshire and now takes care of ensuring the beer and ale are on top form (taste testing essential of course)!

We both have full time jobs and also run everything to do with the Rollin' yeah we like to keep busy!

Get in touch with us sometime -  we would love to chat!