How it works

Life is complicated enough so we offer 3 main packages.

All packages require £300 hire fee (50% refundable on minimum spend being reached). Packages are available for both the Rollin' Inn mobile trailer bar and our 'Pop up' bar.


Guests paying for their own drinks; 

Pay as you go.

All for one and one for all!

Flash Gordon!

Pre-paid bar (guests drink on you!).

Bar tab settled on the night.

Flashy - can we be friends?

Suits you sir!
Combination of the two! Pre-paid bar 

             (or selected drinks) reverting to cash bar,

once pre-agreed limit has been reached.

Ooh Suits you!

 All packages include;

  • Two bartenders for typically 6 hours (timings flexible)

  • TEN, if required (Temporary Event Notice)
  • Recyclable disposables and paper straws (glassware/reusable plastics available at cost price)

  • Complimentary fruit infused water

  • Selection of personalised frames/notice boards/decoration

Further details on what we can provide can be found on our 'Good to Know' page.

 We also love attending larger events and helping to bring good vibes to set the mood off just right- festivals, country fairs, sporting events, charity functions you name it we want in! If you have something in mind get in touch to see how we can help set the party off and talk about possible profit share, or discuss pitch opportunities.